I would like to extend a warm welcome to families looking for an outstanding school in Malaysia. The Anfal International School Malaysia was founded 3 years ago. Since its foundation our parents have applauded the unique opportunities provided to their children in a nurturing and engaging environment that has encouraged students to exhibit a passion for academic and personal success. At The Anfal International School Malaysia students grow in confidence, beyond their academic pursuits and across all areas of their development.

Being a truly international community in Malaysia, the experiences presented to students by living and learning in a global environment permeates every activity at our school. Our reputation for a holistic approach to learning allows the development of the heart, mind and body to flourish. This approach, along with our high quality, passionate teaching and support staff creates a unique learning environment. It is our mission through Visible Learning, that every member of our community will belong, thrive and achieve.

We are committed to introducing high quality education enhanced with Islamic culture and values. We endeavour to deliver the coming generation’s critical thinkers and leaders that truly care about morals and gaining the blessings and satisfaction of Allah. We want to impart our educational passion to our students to learn eagerly and excel through qualified and dedicated staff, quality education, and Islamic values.

I invite you to visit the Anfal International School Malaysia and experience our core values in action.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes

Mdm. Alina Ong

Background of AIS

The experience of Anfal is derived from a successful string of schools in the Sultanate of Oman under the name of Smart Student Schools and we are transferring this successful experience to Malaysia.

Smart Student Schools in Oman has established 23 branches of 7500 students under the management and supervision of 1100 teaching and administrative staff.


Introduction to AIS

Anfal International School intends to build a generation equipped with extensive and practical knowledge, ethical leadership, pioneering, and mastery of skills.

Anfal is dedicated to providing a highest quality educational programme with the foundations of morals, self-worth, and quality performance among students’ productive and responsible participation at global level.

We indiscriminatingly seek to foster acquisition of the Islamic values and heritage with an ultimate goal of attaining the mercy and blessings of Allah Al Mighty in this world and the other world.

Anfal aspires to provide a unique combination of a comprehensive quality of Islamic education and teachings to all students, irrespective of nationalities. This will be achieved in a secure, caring, and disciplined environment by means of a challenging, balanced academic, and educational curriculum that is delivered by a dedicated and qualified teaching body.

Anfal is determined to prepare our students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through Artificial Intelligence labs that will be provided by the school, such as Robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D printers, an educational cinema, drones and other technological skills.



To become a leading international centre of educational excellence which seeks to build balanced, virtuous, and creative future leaders.


To foster a positive learning environment where students are nurtured and provided with intelligent, spiritual, emotional, social and physically balanced education through state-of-the-art approach to education.



ALLAH has given the primary responsibility for teaching and training of young people to parents. The rationale for the existence of our School is to assist parents as an extension of the Muslim home. In providing an education that is thoroughly and distinctively Islamic based. It is our goal through teaching and training to prepare young people to function as individuals who can reason and relate all issues of life to the foundation of the Islamic worldview.

AIS strive to communicate this belief to the public, parents and community and strives to involve students actively in their educational process, seeking sustenance from Allah, that only the All Mighty with His Grace, can make this happen.





The British Education System is an international measurable standard that requires students to complete 12 years from primary years to secondary stage. In ANFAL, we proudly provide our students the benefits and qualities of The British Education System, namely the IGCSE syllabus.


EL NORANEYA APPROACH to memorising Al Quran: 

This is a well-recognized international educational method to teach Arabic language and the Holy Quran. It is mainly based on analysing phonemic of letters to basic articulatory components of the Arabic language. Students repeat phonemic parts of words with different articulatory rehearsal to perfect their reading and memorisation. This approach is suited for kids age 4 years onwards to begin reading and memorising The Holy Quran. By age 6, kids should be able to read and memorise simple surahs and proceed to memorise significant chapters of The Holy Quran and continue to the whole of the Holy Quran by age twelve or early secondary years. Insya Allah. (God Willing)






Worldwide Network



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    You can contact us via an online form here, social media, speak to a customer service. Careline Operating hours - 9:00am – 4:00pm.  

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    Complete the application form and include the relevant documents required and email it to [email protected]

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    Make an appointment with our Admissions Officer before coming to the school to get a best counseling that fitting you case.

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    Upon receipt of your application, our Admissions office will be in touch to schedule an admissions assessment (if applicable) and interview.

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    A completed application takes about 5 - 10 working days, inclusive with the application fee and academic reports.


Certifications ANFAL
I would like to thank the Anfal International School In particular, I thank Mrs. Nour Fadila, Mrs. Khadija Taj Al-Din, Mrs. Khadija Al Mahdi, and Mr. Noor and Mrs. Bohdour, as well as, I do not forget Dr. Motiah. I offer them all with sincere thanks and appreciation for the effort they made in educating our children in the primary stage. As well as thanks efforts of the management school, headed by Olin and Mr. Bakir, in overcoming the suspension of studies due to the COVID-19 case and the continuation of the study using Google Classroom. My impression of the school Anfal School is considered one of the international schools in Malaysia that depends on the education of Cambridge and Oxford in addition to teaching Arabic, Islamic education, and the Qur’an besides teaching Malay. I wish her success in providing the educational process.
Abdul Ghani Masaud Libya
I can say the main advantage of Anfal International school is the balanced Arabic and English curricula where each curriculum is given an adequate attention. This is besides other advantages, such as small class size and quickly transitioning to an online teaching system during the Covid-19 crisis.
Abdulrazzaq Qasem Yemen
We thank Anfal International School for its tremendous efforts, from the wonderful infrastructure and preparations of libraries and laboratories, and other facilities and special thanks to all teachers. The school has proven that it is of the cutting-edge type of continuing classes under Covid-19 Movement Control Order conditions. This has been proven by live or recorded broadcast lessons and also by sending assignments and following up our children in every small and large matters and implementing small projects for them where our children have acquired good skills, including the skill of using and communicating via the Internet via Google application Classroom and other applications and our appreciation for you is great. I hope that the school will continue to do so as the English language classes increase so that our children’s level will improve further.
Abdulsalam Ibrahim Lybia
Anfal International School is a school that combines the British curriculum as well as maintaining Islamic culture and Arabic language by following the curricula of the Sultanate of Oman. This is the type of education that both fully benefits the physical and mental development of pupils of growing age. The diversity of activities provided by Anfal from robotic laboratories, drawing and handicrafts, physical education, logo activities and cooking delivers an all rounded education that any child can dream of. Personally, I am very grateful to the school when I see a big difference in the academic level of my daughter and a difference in her personality, as she likes to prove herself, with the encouragement of her best teachers, both English and Arabic language teachers. I wish the school more success and stability.
Darryl Andrews USA
The most important thing in Anfal International School is Anfal gives us the Arabic family feeling. It wonderfully combines integration with other cultures by adopting the English language as the main language in addition to caring for the Malaysian language while maintaining the development of the Arabic language and Islamic education very effectively, and this distinguishes it from other schools that are usually interested in only one of the two things while neglecting the other. All thanks to the teaching and administrative staff for your efforts. I wish you more success and lasting development.
Firas Shehada Syria