Two technological phenomena are redefining education as we have known it for centuries. They are Internet connectivity and mobile penetration which enable technology to play a significant role in revolutionizing education. As a result, books have started to lose their popularity and importance. Roles of teachers and learners are constantly changed. Therefore, many schools in developing countries are trying to link their students to the large world of the Internet. Educational software is developed and used to suit education needs. New movements to make laptops and tablets available to students are an on-going process. India, for example, is focusing on distance learning to empower students nationwide. It launched a satellite to provide affordable internet to learners.

The job of teachers and instructors have become very easy, although they need to be first taught how to use technology in class and outside the class. A website like google classroom enables teachers to write homework and monitor students’ progress, and at the same time be in contact with parents and guardians. Students can also interact with each other online. They can form groups to carry out projects, defying time and place. What is more, students can be linked to other websites to access more exercises without bothering teachers. So individual learning is possible, and students are at the helm. They can choose their pace, select exercises, and spend how much time they wish online.  

Technology is still at its youth age to address different challenges current education is suffering. If developed, technology can impact greatly the ways schools operate, teachers instruct, and students learn. Technology by itself will not make drastic changes if not accompanied by observation from teachers and parents. Indeed, the internet provides access to a great deal of information, but not all of which is accurate or valid. There are hundreds of thousands of pages that show fake information. History and politics, for example, may not be presented faithfully. Having said so, technology will make the influence of education better and wider.

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