With the advancement of technology, the design, analysis, application and operation of robots is taught in primary and secondary schools after it was only studied at a tertiary level. Robotics for everyone is a motto schools attempt to achieve through the establishment of robotics lab. With the help of training institutes and university departments, schools have managed to offer unique classes and experiences to their students.

In the past, schools delivered classes that dealt with PC components. Then, a new phase came where students started using PC applications. A relatively advanced level prevailed when programming classes were supplied. A more revolutionized classes have started to mark a new phase. To start with, the fundamental concepts of robotics are accessed in programing classes, but take a different form with artificial intelligence. Students try to assemble and program robots to perform easy tasks such moving in one direction; however, at a higher level, students compete in sciences fairs, workshops, and exhibitions by producing robots that imitate the movement of a person.

An increasing number of schools allocate a separate room called Robot Lab or Robotics Lab where students are first introduced to robots. Prototypical models are shown to students who are encouraged to produce similar models using simple ideas. The learning takes a new trend when students are able to program robots to conduct basic movements like standing and sitting. Then, students feel talented and start to link developed software with robot sensors to perform complex movements.

Robotics education is not only taught at schools, but also in summer camps. Robotics learning becomes a core constituent of their curriculum.  Campers are taught teamwork to build their own robots, resilience and motivation to develop a sense of overcoming challenges, and decision-making to solve problems. Teachers and trainers from different organizations participate to make such camps a beneficial and  long-life experience.

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